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Indian and Pakistani women racist towards Latina and Black women?
Why are so many Indian and Pakistani women racist toward other women of color. For example, a lot of the Indian women at my college (40% Asian Indian) call us bubble butted and ghetto. Yet, most of the Latina and Black girls at our college are decent and hardworking (that's how we got into college). And a lot of the Indian girls are listening to ghetto hiphop at clubs, shaking their behinds (or lack there of) to Pitbull and Missy Elliot and calling eachother n***** and date black or Latino men. Yet, when we date Indian men they act like it's a travesty for those men to date us. Why?
Women tend to have this competitive streak with each other. Maybe these gals subliminally are targeting you and the other "American" girls of color in a competitive way. Maybe not overtly racist in as far as being mean, just seeing you as rivals to things they want. You have to remember, where the Indians are from is very over populated and it is almost impossible to get ahead there. They come here and see opportunities that they cannot get back home, and are attacking it with vigor.

Don't take it as mean, see it as competition. They want to bury you. Instead, you and the proud American girls of color stand up and fight that! Fight fire with fire baby!!
Why do many insist the American singer/actress,J.Lo is racially "Mulatto"?
Simply because she is of Puerto Rican ancestry doesn't mean she must be mixed with Black,Hence when the majority of the lone(NO European females on board)European male explorers invaded the Island now called Puerto Rico(Rich Port)in was inhabited by the Indigenouse American Indians(Taino),The lone European men first had interacial sexual unions with Taino females,but as the American Indian population quickly began to die off(mainly due to murder,brutal treatment,European introduced diseases(small pox,syphilis,etc..).The White Spanish then began to forcibly bring in Black Africans to Puerto Rico,so that they would work in the large sugar plantations as slaves.Even though there was instances of White men having sex with Black females,this wasn't very common since most of the White men were discusted of the physical appearance of the Black African females(dark skin,frizzy hair,thick lips,broad nose,etc..).I think J.Lo is Mestizo!,& her big bubble butt is attributed to American Indians since it is a common physical occurence in that racial group.(The Black race is NOT the "only" race that possesses large bubble butts!)
Jennifer López is Multiracial (White, Native American).

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